Announcing The First OpenMusicMedia Meet

April 21, 2008

We’re very excited to announce the first OpenMusicMedia Meet on May 14th. Check out the full listing at Upcoming and let us know if you are attending. We have found a superb location just off Old Street, it’s upstairs at the William IV pub. Check below for th

William IV

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

William IV

7 Shepherdess Walk
London, England N1 7QE

WHAT: the OpenMusicMedia Meet is a group that gets together regularly in London to discuss, explore and shape the future of digital music and media. The format is open and everyone is invited. The group serves as a meeting point for people with similar interests and open up conversations between them. Everyone is encouraged to hang around after the discussion to eat and drink. The William IV serves great food!

WHO: A melting pot of label execs, journalists, social media types, digital distributors & retailers, entrepreneurs, music geeks, bloggers and future thinkers. The group is open to anyone who has a professional or personal interest in this space.

WHERE: Upstairs at the William IV pub. Just a 5 min stroll from Old Street tube.

DRESS CODE: Informal. No vested interests, no politics and no agendas.

ADMISSION: An open mind, open ears and a passion for the topics discussed. There is no charge, though the more booze you buy the nicer our hosts will be.

LINEUP: this session we will have Anthony Volodkin from Hype Machine dropping in all the way from the US for a roundtable discussion on music blogs and their role in today’s digital music ecosystem. We hope to cover all angles, here are some primers…

– are music blogs the future labels?
– how can music blogs get licensed?
– how can music bloggers monetize?
– can chatter in the blogosphre predict future hits?
– are music blog aggregators the new radio?
– how does major label investment in blogs like Idolator and Stereogum change the landscape?

After our discussion we encourage everyone to stay and enjoy the great food at the William IV. Looking forward to see you all there!


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