Thinking About Meetups

November 12, 2008

Originally posted on the Bytesizemusic blog

In the last fortnight I’ve been down to two very different music industry gatherings.

One, a formal MusicTank panel session in the basement at the MCPS-PRS. £30 per ticket, name badges, rows of stackable chairs and a mic-ed up ‘expert’ panel (pic below).

The other, an informal post-Musexpo meetup down at the Bloomsbury Bowling lanes. Free for anyone to go down, introductions over a beer, bowling shoes and a mixed bunch of digital music types (pic below).

I’d go to both again but I know which one I preferred. Experiencing both ends of the scale in a short space of time made me feel that what we’re doing with the OpenMusicMedia Meet (where we combine a mix of the two) is the right way to go. Reinforcing this is the increasing number of people getting in touch recently asking when the next session is.

There has been a bit of a gap since our last Meet, largely due to the combination of a very busy October for both myself and Jonas and my imminent fatherhood. But I’m hoping that we’ll have one more session before the end of the year and then quickly get back into the flow in the New Year.

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