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December 4, 2008

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who gave up part of their busy December schedules to make it down to yesterday’s quiet but relaxed Xmas Drinks.  In the absence of a topic and speaker we took pleasure in food, ale and good conversation between friends and like minds! It was great to see some new faces as welll who braved the cold night to come down and introduce themselves!

A lot of the talk during the evening turned to Twitter and I had several separate conversations discussing some familiar themes.  So I thought a nice follow up to the night would be to make a short list of some of OpenMusicMedia’s Twitterers. It continues the trend started by Jonathan Deamer and continued in excellent fashion by Sean Adams earlier this week.

Hopefully you’re all familiar with Twitter by now… the micro-blogging, social-networking tool. Quite a few people I’ve spoken to have hesitated to get signed up and stuck in but hopefully the below list will make a good entry point and serve as an extension to our own little network that we are building up at OpenMusicMedia.

In no particular order:

@jonaswoost – Jonas Woost & I co-founded OpenMusicMedia back in May this year. He’s been at since late 2005 and is Head of Music there. Jonas is a frequent speaker at conferences, and blogs at which also happens to be the name of his weekly radio show.

@seaninsound – Sean Adams knows a thing or two about the music industry and regularly contributes nuggets of his musical wisdom to the discussion at OpenMusicMedia. He’s been blogging since 1996 and is the founder of DrownedInSound. Sean inspired this post so props to him!

@dubber – I met Andrew Dubber at our first ever OpenMusicMedia. He is a Senior Lecturer of Music Industries at Birmingham City University, blogs about online music at NewMusicStrategies and also has a refined taste for jazz records and whisky.

@soundboy – Ian Hogarth is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met about the live music scene and this passion shines through in his  gig  aggregator and recommendation startup Songkick. Ian himself organises several meetups and we hope to have him down to speak at ours in the new year for a discussion on the live side of the music industry.

@fakesensations – Christian excels as PR for When he’s not busy calculating interesting stats on listeners he’s asking thought-provoking questions at OpenMusicMedia, seeding P2P networks with his band’s album and working on his homegrown documentary on Eccentric Pop Music

@fascinated – Anthony Volodkin is the inspired mind and nomadic entrepreneur behind the hugely popular music blog aggregator HypeMachine. He came all the way over from New York to be the speaker at our first ever OpenMusicMedia. And we love him for it!

@haynes_dave – Well it’s me I guess… co-founder of OpenMusicMedia and the UK face of SoundCloud. Having started out in the music industry running a vinyl record store, a label and DJ-ing around Europe, I’ve been working in the music industry now for what’s seems like an age (but isn’t). I have a passion for digital music and I occasionly cobble some thoughts together over at my BytesizeMusic blog.

@perreau – Having previously been at the NME, Ben Perreau now works at Sky but has recently formed a bright new startup called Gigulate. Still in beta, Gigulate promises to ‘deliver music news, blogs and the hottest gig listings at hyperspeed’. Make sure you check it out.

@bbjazz – Adam Sieff is an all round nice guy and runs the UK operation for Sellaband. He was kind enough to hook us up with Pim Betist at Sellaband who came down to speak at the second OpenMusicMedia session on ‘1000 True Fans’.

@nicklevine – Nick Levine is a member of Tack!Tack!Tack!, blogs at The Purpose Of All Media and has more connections to Sweden than an Ikea lorry.

@theyoungpunx – One of OpenMusicMedia’s (and Twitter’s) newest faces, Hal Ritson heads The Young Punx, a London-based collective of eclectic electronic musicians who would sound just at good on Top Of The Pops as they would on the dancefloor.

@coupde – James Darling is a web developer at the new and innovative PeoplesMusicStore. He occasionaly makes music on his way into work and is also partly responsible for the mind bending Vinyl Scrobbler.

Honorable mentions should also go to other previous OpenMusicMedia attendees @atephoald, @grumblemouse, @JazCummins, @lewiswebb, @ericw, @sketchy1210, @nicoperez

I’m sure I’ve missed a few out. If so add yourself in the comments!!

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11 Responses to “OpenMusicMedia Tweet”

  1. jazcummins Says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it – next time!

  2. Nice idea! Was gonna ask if there was any kinda community based around the meet. You think it’s warrants a Google group also?

    Freelance web dev (RoR mostly these days). Part of the team behind the Netaudio Festival:

    and also run a netlabel.. it’s a little sleepy these days in terms of releases but the netfilter / podcast is worth keeping an eye on:

    Do some music production stuff also.

  3. Nikhil Says:

    Cool post Dave. The Mixcloud crew are gutted to have missed out – we’re in Cambridge this week nailing down with some hardcore hacking with our friend Mat – a super Django whizz! It’s been a good week and looking forward to showing you Mixcloud.

    Cheers for the mention above. I’m gonna go check out some of the other suspects.

    Final thought, I’m surprised that Twitter is still creeping up as such a massive conversation topic at these events. I’ve recently noticed it crossing the chasm with some new, highly unexpected followers.

  4. Nathan Says:

    First time to this session and thought it was very worthwhile, cheers Dave.

    Looking forward to the next one and meeting a few others there too

  5. Nick Levine Says:

    Cheers for the shoutout. Honoured to be in such company. 🙂

  6. […] while ago at the OpenMusicMedia Meet in December, I got into a discussion about personalisation and afterwards thought it useful to […]

  7. Duncan Geere Says:

    Myself (@radioedit), @robdix and @ieatmusic are all planning on coming down.

  8. KATE BUTLER Says:

    @Kate_Butler – Manchester-based but very interested in what you do. Planning on a trip down to that London to meet you all.

  9. steve machin Says:

    hopefully see you this week.. @stevemachin for updates

  10. Renate Nyborg Says:

    Looking forward to my first time… @renate on Twitter.

    Might dress up as a musical big bird and come as alter ego @twestivalfm.

  11. Ravi Khanna Says:

    Looking forward to the tweetup!

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