February 4, 2009

This isn’t a post about what we have upcoming at OpenMusicMedia. Although we do have some fantastic meetups already planned and in the diary. More on that very soon!

It’s a post about RSVP-ing on Upcoming – http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1512363/

We’ve been using Upcoming as a way for everyone attending to let us (and others) know that you’ll be coming down on the evening. It’s not compulsory and usually only about half of the people who actually turn up will have RSVP-ed but it does help us plan and make arrangements in advance if we’re expecting a bit of a squeeze upstairs at the William IV. So if you are coming down and haven’t let us know via Upcoming then please do.

We are looking to find a better way for doing this in the future so if you know of any other cool social tools that we could add to this actual blog maybe then we’re definitely interested in hearing about them!


One Response to “Upcoming”

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