Want to come to OpenMusicMedia but don’t live in London? Well why not start one in your city? Just let us know when & where and we’ll help spread the word!

Here’s what we do and why we do it… it’s important to us that you keep the same goals, vibe and ethos… but you might want to change some things.

What is OpenMusicMedia?

OpenMusicMedia is an informal meetup to discuss, explore and shape the future of digital music and media. The group serves as a meeting point for people with similar interests. It provides a relaxed and informal environment to start conversations and promote openness and learning.

When is OpenMusicMedia?

OpenMusicMedia takes place during the week, after-work. We try to meet irregularly with at least one month between each meetup. And we always wait until we have a good topic or someone to lead the conversation.

Who comes to OpenMusicMedia?

OpenMusicMedia is a meetup specifically for people in the music industry but we try to encourage as diverse a range as possible. From people working at labels, to artists, to film-makers, to bloggers, to web developers, to students. Anyone who is professionally or personally interested in the future of digital music and related media is welcome. The people who do come should do so without an agenda and we discourage self-promotion. The group could be as little as 10 people or as many as 100 people, as long as there’s a good conversation.

Where is OpenMusicMedia?

OpenMusicMedia works best when held in relaxed and informal surroundings, usually a pub serving beer (and good food!). In London we gather at the William IV pub in Shoreditch which has an upstairs room that we move up to when the main conversation starts.

What is talked about at OpenMusicMedia?

OpenMusicMedia works best when there is a main topic of conversation and someone who can lead it. We like to invite guests who are actively doing something in their field, rather than just talking about doing it. Previous guests at OpenMusicMedia London have included Anthony Volodkin (HypeMachine), Daniel Ek (Spotify), Ian Hogarth (Songkick) and Eric Wahlforss (SoundCloud). The guests don’t talk just about their own business but rather how it relates to the topic of conversation. Eg. Daniel Ek (Spotify) talked on ‘Access vs Ownership’ of music.

What is the format for OpenMusicMedia?

The format is kept as informal as possible. We don’t have badges, mics, powerpoints or record anything that gets said. The evening starts with a few drinks before moving on to the main conversation. The person leading the conversation is invited to the front of the room and starts talking about what they do and how it relates to the topic. This usually only lasts about ten minutes until the conversation starts moving around the room in a round-table like manner. We stop when the conversation comes to a natural end (or when people start getting a little restless). Most people then stick around to drink more beer, eat some food and carry on the discussion in smaller groups.

What about the $$$?

OpenMusicMedia is a completely free event. There should be no charge to get in, no sponsors, no profit. Anyone can setup an OpenMusicMedia meetup as long as they are doing so non-commercially and attribute OpenMusicMedia.org

What should I do next?

If you’re interested in setting up an OpenMusicMedia then please email mail@openmusicmedia.com, and let us know when and where. Feel free to ask any questions and we’ll try and help where we can. We’ll be putting up a central website soon where you can post all the details plus any web presences (blog, Twitter, flickr etc) that you might set up for your own meetup.

2 Responses to “Start A Meet”

  1. Hi Open Music Media,
    I attempted contact via the address above but it bounced. Just a friendly note that you may have a blockage in the tube your mail comes through.
    My name is Graham Smith-White and I am interested in starting Open Music
    Media discussions where I live, Portland, Oregon USA. I am a member of
    the local Musicians Union, am involved in their local Fair Trade Music
    campaign, and am an instructor at a non-profit school where I teach
    teenagers about recording music. In addition, I operate a solar-powered
    mobile recording service and am an active participant in Portland’s live
    music scene. As part of the Musicians Union and Fair Trade Music
    campaign I know that our amazingly diverse and active music scene is
    ripe for organisation and would only improve with access to organised
    discussion on topics like creative commons, access vs. ownership, etc. .
    . . As an example, I personally rely heavily on the internet to deliver
    content securely, through my website http://www.suntimerecording.com, to the
    clients that I record and am interested in discussing ways to utilize
    that capability as an artist.
    To be completely truthful I am pondering hosting a local music
    conference and know with all I am involved in to not get in over my
    head. It is also something that does not just happen on a whim. So I
    think small discussions amongst my peers and associates growing over the
    winter (it rains bunches and we make great beer here) to include a
    broader attendance is the way to go. Portland attracts all sorts and I
    think it would do wonders to see them all in one room talking about the
    same things.

    Graham Smith-White
    (240) 274-2156

  2. […] currently in about a half dozen cities internationally, and there may be room for yours. Simply get in touch via their website to learn […]

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